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Dental Specialists of Windsor


General Information

Your First Visit

Your dentist has referred you to our office because he believes your case warrants the service and expertise of an endodontic specialist.  Approximately 20% of root canals in North America are completed by endodontists.  Many of these cases are quite complex and referral to an endodontist is indicated for a variety of reasons.

Your initial consultation will consist of a through review of your medical history, a radiographic survey and a clinical exam.  The need for a root canal will be decided and your options for treatment will be discussed.  If a root canal is of little or no benefit to you, or there are better alternatives, then a root canal will not be recommended.  A report of this visit will be forwarded to your dentist for his records.

State of the Art

There are many features of our office you may find unique or have not yet encountered:

  1. We are a paperless office, which allows us to store ALL your records electronically.  Proper precautions have been taken to preserve the privacy and integrity of your personal information.
  2. We use the surgical operating microscope on ALL cases.  This allows us to treat cases that would otherwise end up being extracted!
  3. We expose our radiographs digitally, aiding in the diagnostic process via image enhancement computer technology.
  4. Microscopic photographs and digital radiographs can be used in your case presentation to fully appreciate your particular situation prior to initiating treatment.